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Dr. Chef Prem Ram

Ideas are many, Yummy Ideas are few” yummy ideas are ideas which not only makes you happy but also make the whole fraternity happy. The Yummy Idea has not only shared their Ideas through the online platform but also implemented it through their innovative way. It is a great step towards chef fraternity or we[...]
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Dr. Sudhir Andrews

To add to industry testimonials The Yummy Idea is a unique proposition and they have gone into bringing on the talent that exists at homes. We have a lot of people who are unable to come out in the work force but have a lot of talent. They have got a their chance to bring[...]
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Kush Kapoor

We are delighted to be partners with The Yummy Idea as they have enabled one of the best practices for the growth of students and home chefs in the Indian food industry. With this contest we extend our support and guidance to all the chefs from across the country and help them to serve our[...]
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