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The Yummy Idea (TYI) is the MOBILE APPLICATION PLATFORM that bridges the gap between industry, academia and students. Download the app now INTRODUCING THE YUMMY IDEA An ed-tech startup for skill development of students in hospitality industry
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TYI Talent Solution

Human Resource can be considered as the heart of the organization and since years these human resource managers have made decisions to give the best employees they can to the industry.
With the paradigm shift in hospitality industry standards and trends it is necessary for the organizations to pick multi-skilled and emotionally intelligent employees.

With TYI Talent Solution, organisations get direct access to a premium pool of selected and soft skilled trained candidates who are ready to be hired.
Not only this, recruiters can seamlessly post/send their job requirements and we match them to the best-fit candidate based on the AI algorithms.
TYI aims to streamline the remote hiring process, but also optimize their recruitment cycle, save costs and valuable time of the recruiters.


Hire effortlessly from the pool of certified candidates with complete credibility

Hiring involves many manual tasks, that are repetitive in nature and TYI has identified such areas. It is a huge time-saver that allows quick and easy customization of job openings by giving recruiters complete control over the fields of the application form.
Recruiters can set job titles, modify the existing content, add the company details, goals and objectives, while eliminating piles of paperwork and effectively market their company based on work ethics, values, mission and expectations.

From managing your recruitments to getting you the best possible fit for your company TYI Pro has got your covered.

The applicant reviewing system enables the busy recruiter to easily tap and filter several trained and credible industrial applications for their job opening while freeing them from the hassles of editing openings, screening resumes, emailing shortlisted candidates, tracking multiple sources, and communicating with them.

Find the Best Fit

The e-profile showcases the complete journey of the prospective workforce to employers helping them understand who will be the best fit to their designated job role. The skill matrix based out of various data centric approached and evaluating criteria will further help the employers decide on what will be the best for them.


Testimonial from the Industry

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